Striking gifts for mindful spaces

  • Sculpted Art

    You know that awkward place on the wall? It doesn't deserve to be ignored. It deserves to be LOVED!

    What if instead of being a little embarrassing that place was kind of breathtaking?

    Bas-relief 3D art draws the eye with its play of light and shadow on sculpted gypsum. These handmade works of art add a clean, classical poise to any space.

  • Designed by a Wellness Professional

    This artwork came out of a vision for the type of clinic decor I wanted in my own acupuncture practice. After searching in vain I became a little obsessed with figuring out how to make them myself.

    Now I would be pleased to have them grace your wellness space too. Take a breath and feel yourself drawn in to the healing serenity I strive for in every piece.


  • Blitz Tree Designs

    Apparel, mugs, and stickers are all designed in-house at Blitz Tree Studio. We work with nearby suppliers to help fulfill these fun items.